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What Readers
are saying...

"I feel like I know
you after reading
your book.   I
couldn't put it
down. I was just
amazed at how God has used
such a tragedy
for His good in
your life.  What
a testimony of
His grace and
love! "
Janice Francis
Little Rock, AR

"Chapter by
chapter the
grew… Your
literary style
flowed like a
gentle current
taking me
smoothly, one
page to the
Robyn Speciale
Peoria, IL

“I sat down to
read a couple
of chapters but didn't put it down
until I finished it!”
Ron Turner
Millington, TN

"After reading
your book, I
was renewed
and encouraged
to grow in my
faith, to
look to God
and His Word
as my provider
as your book
so clearly explains."
Peggy Matthews,
Little Rock, AR


"Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him."
Job 13:15 (KJV)

Chapter One

“He sealed within her that she was worth nothing, and
left her only with the greatest, deepest,
all-consuming hatred and a death sentence.“

She was trapped between the bright lights and activity inside
the Safeway where she stood, and the imposing night
darkness outside the enormous plate glass windows. Her
tiny back was pressed into the short, cold wall that anchored
the glaring panes rising high above her, as if she were trying
to disappear into the mass of concrete. She wanted nothing
more than to disappear.
      Her intrinsic “fight or flight” dictated that she flee. She
wanted to flee, but…she could do nothing. Fear paralyzed
her. She was far too young and powerless to fight him. She
was trapped between panic, pushing her to run—run as
fast and far away as possible—and the reality of nowhere
to flee, no place to hide.
      She was only four, far too young to be trapped between
love and hatred, good and evil.
      Sweating from fear, but shivering from thoughts of her
impending punishment, she felt exposed to the world, as if
naked. Her only blanket of comfort, and sense of security,
was her thick, knee-length hair. It had never been cut since
her birth and hung around her petite frame like a shiny,
golden shroud, but didn’t hide her. It couldn’t protect her.
      In contrast to the brightness inside the store that
commanded over the outer darkness, the ebony blackness
of inner fear and the very real presence of evil threatened to
consume her. Her muted whimpering and silent trickle of
tears subdued the activity of her younger brother and older
sister, impatiently waiting near her for their parents to be
finished in the checkout line. They were all tired and ready
to go home, and now this… they would be forced to hear
her screams. Trapped—no place to run, no place to hide.
They were trapped between heart-tugging sympathy for
her certain fate, anger at her for putting them in this
position, and relief that it wasn’t them in her place... this
      Not knowing what to do with herself as she quietly cried,
but her panic necessitating activity, she unconsciously
chewed on the ragged, well-bitten nails of her right hand.
Her left hand kept busy tangled in the skirt of her mid-calf,
cotton dress. She subtly but incessantly twisted the cool
fabric between her damp thumb and forefinger. Her right
leg trembled and began to feel numb with recent memories
of the same fate that again stood imposing before her like
a death trap.
      The minutes moved like hours as she watched her
daddy pay for the groceries, standing in authority next to
her timid mama. He always chatted happily with the young
cashiers, like there was never a care in the world, a real-life
Jekyll and Hyde.
      Why did he not ever chat with her like that, his own
daughter? She didn’t understand how he could be so
cruel to her, just because she had been playing in the
aisles with her brother and sister, bored from the endless
shopping. These thoughts and questions raced in tandem
with images of the punishment he had promised her “when
we get home.” He’d never change his mind—never! He
always did what he said he was going to do to his

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